Forever and Never
My mind went AWOL but my body's still here.




"The woods are lovely, dark, and deep." -Robert Frost

Title: At the Bottom

Artist: Brand New

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I could really use a wine bath right now.

I have no wine, pandora and bubble bath will just have to do I suppose.

These things you all speak of, “friends,” yeah I’d like some of those.

Hahaha this is a terrible photo but look what auto-fix does in low light

Title: Lonesome Hunter

Artist: Timber Timbre

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A Reminder


While being angry is a valid emotional response:

  • Anger is not a free pass to do whatever you want.
  • Anger is not an excuse for damaging, or abusive behavior.
  • Anger is not protection from repercussions of that behavior.

You are accountable for what you do, even while angry. 

This, this, this… A thousand times this!


Don’t wish death on your enemies. Wish geese on them. Wish thousands of geese into their life. Geese in their yard. Geese in their car. Geese in their workplace. Geese in their bed. Tiny geese in their hair. Geese in their food. JPEGs of angry geese overtaking their computer. Turn their whole family into geese. Awful hissy mean geese everywhere. A fate worse than death.




Volunteering at a soup kitchen is one of the least productive things you can do to change the world. Art can inspire people and motivate them. Food is important, yes, but you aren’t changing that person’s life. 

whoever wrote this post has definitely never been hungry

I remember one christmas we were short on money so my brother just drew us some pictures of mashed potato it was poppin!!! We ate the pencils too!!!

I am so glad someone beat me to the punch in replying to this, because I probably would have gotten borderline nasty about it.



Okay so Joaquin Phoenix actually looks better with a mustache.